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Based on two fundamental factors, time efficiency and better cost effectiveness – Vinyl wraps have now become a very viable and much respected color change alternative for Super Yacht and Cruise industry refurbishments.

Hull Wraps & Refurbishments

Yacht wrapping is by no means an easy task and must be project managed correctly to ensure the best possible end result.  At Hargittai & Shaw we have over 40 years combined knowledge and hands on experience within the yachting and vinyl graphics industries, so we are well versed in discussing the proʼs and conʼs with our clients; in what we can offer them, instead of paint or other refurbishment finishes.

Other advantages with vinyl, are that possible problems such as overspray, visible runs or uneven coverage are eliminated.  Plus using only the highest grade materials that are manufactured with high UV protection and batch recorded, we can assure our clients receive a perfectly even color matched finish throughout (including matte finishes). And as long as the prep work is completed to the high standards we advise, our guidance and warranty installation procedures are followed – we can successfully complete a wrap installation on a 40foot vessel (or bigger) in days – not months.

As well as our paintless color change services here at our South Florida location, we run in-house graphic design packages with full production facilities, for high quality digital printed wraps and window graphics. All of our wraps carry the same high UV protection and warranty as the manufactured color change vinyls.  Other high grade materials we specialize in, offer further choices such as chrome, carbon fibre, animal skin textures and color shifting,  in finishes such as high gloss, satin, metallics or matte.

Comparing longevity and durability, vinyl can be scuffed, scratched and damaged in the same ways paint can – the only difference (as long as the substrate has not been damaged underneath), the area can either be repaired subtly with no downtime, or the vinyl replaced quickly and at a fraction of re-painting costs at service intervals.

For added longevity against wear and tear, we also offer optically clear protective films, that can be applied over the wraps in certain high usage areas.

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