The revolutionary, patented advertising system for wheels, now available through Hargittai & Shaw in the U.S.
Imagine the attention your fleet vehicles will draw when the wheels start rotating, but the advertisements do not – sending a clear readable message to your intended market!
Just look around a parking lot, or watch vehicles drive by – all you see are grey and black wheels. Putting your logo or advertisements on your hubcaps, you will be noticed, guaranteed!
Allows the user to fully utilize areas on vehicles with further marketing space & brings in further profits to your business. Earn whilst you drive, by selling the advertising space. Also a great tool for your employees as a bonus scheme on the road, when asked about the discs they could earn commissions by sending in potential leads.
Successfully proven around the world as an excellent tool to get immediate attention. Not only that, but extremely valuable, positive recognition.
With easy installations on most systems and an initial one-time set up cost, you can then change your desired graphics on the faceplates whenever you want, without having to purchase sets every time. With our Rigidisc Partner Program, we offer a full service to our clients with in-house graphic design, full production and installations whenever you need advertisement changes. 

The Rigidisc Line


The Bicycle-Line which mounts to the front forks, is available not only for security and law enforcement, but mainly geared towards rental bicycles that you would see in such places as metro and train stations, hotels, parks, schools, universities, town and city centers. Also great for fun personal customization of private bicycles.


The L&I-Line is widely used on golf courses, mounted on the wheels of golf carts and green-keepers equipment. You will also find L&I-Line applications in such areas as amusements parks, airports, exhibition grounds, commercial and industrial premises, ship yards and shopping malls. L&I-Line can also be installed on other modes of service equipment, such as fork lift trucks and road sweepers.


This unique system was specifically developed for professional use, advertising on Segways.

Segways are personal transporters that you may come across at airports, shopping malls, exhibition and conference centers, amusement parks and city centers.


Considered the Rigidisc classic – The ABS-Line is a one part, easy to mount system. To ensure the longevity, they are constructed of strong durable automotive polymer. Designed for steel wheels, this system can be used on passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trailers. The ABS-Line is a perfect advertising tool for any fleet.


The Alloy-Line is Rigidiscʼs top of the line wheel cover advertising system. This system is designed for professional use, to advertise on vehicles that are in constant use. The Alloy-line fits passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. TüV certified and tested at speeds of well over 300 kph (185mph). This system is built up from a base part that mounts to the vehicle and a faceplate that displays your artwork clearly, without rotating.


Specifically engineered for buses, box trucks, semi trucks and trailers. This unique system is designed for commercial use only and has all the features that make it the perfect advertisement medium for public  transport and large transportation services. The system is approved and certified by TüV and RDW for safety and durability.

*Custom made face plates can be mounted over convexed rims, with quick release system to allow easy and fast lug nut inspection

Full in-house services we offer with our Rigidisc Partnership Program;

Graphic Design | Large Format Printing | Large Selection of High Grade Digital Print Medias |

Full Commercial Vehicle Wraps | On & Off-Site Installations for New or Repeat Adverts|

Project Management & Budget Analysis | Rigidisc Installation Training

To discuss how our new and exciting ‘Rigidisc Partnership Program’ can truly benefit your company with extra advertising or marketing space – Please call us to arrange a free consultation.

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