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Achieve beautiful bespoke architectural finishes, for any new interior or refurbishment project, that carry similar look and feel to authentic materials such as wood, metal, stone, leather and other fabrics – with luxury vinyl coverings, from 3M

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Most homeowners these days run a very busy household, have hectic lifestyles and careers. So the thought of such a big, expensive project as ripping out an outdated or worn kitchen, with workmen in and out the home all week, no water or electric to cook proper meals and all those other disruptive, stressful things in mind, simply stays as that – a thought on their to do list.

But with our warranted 3M Di Noc kitchen installations, carried out by certified 3M Di Noc Endorsed Architechural Graphic Installers – We can reassure our clients with a more time efficient, cost effective and least stressful alternative.

We refresh and update substrates such as veneer, laminates and real woods, by re-upholstering cabinets, doors and panels with our clients chosen 3M architectural vinyl.

Wear and tear damage on the original surfaces, if required, can be repaired beforehand and depending on extremes, can usually be carried out the same day as the installation.

With no real downtime, we can transform a old, tired and dull looking kitchen into a stunning ‘new’ showpiece, breathing life back into the hub of a household.

Appliance Wraps
Not only are we fully qualified to refresh kitchen cabinets, but we can also vinyl wrap kitchen appliances to coordinate, or just to add splashes of colour to a newly installed kitchen.

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