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Achieve beautiful bespoke architectural finishes, for any new interior or refurbishment project, that carry similar look and feel to authentic materials such as wood, metal, stone, leather and other fabrics – with luxury vinyl coverings, from 3M

Fast Affordable Car Wraps Davie

Wall & Structural Elements

With over 700 different styles, textures and colors to choose from, completely transform living or work space with our 3M Di Noc wall wraps, for refurbishments or new builds.

Most wall & ceiling substrates can be beautifully furnished with 3M Di Noc fire tested vinyl, that can last for many years looking like new.

An alternative to paint or wallpaper, with a relatively fast turnaround and much cleaner install. Compared to harsh paint fumes or wet applying thin wallpaper coverings, that can also be damaged by accident quite easily.

Please contact us today, to discuss further the correct vinyl choices per substrate and our pre-installation warranty procedures – that will guarantee a flawless install for your renovation project.

Fast Affordable Car Wraps Davie
Professional vinyl wrap & window film applications

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Please provide as much information as possible to start with, such as vehicle make, model, vessel type, architectural substrate, measurements, photographs, color choices, etc.